Thursday, December 4, 2008

LORETTA xD(random stuff)

bwahahaahaha so fcken funnny! fricken justin... ;D maade my day like not even kidding bwahaha. OMG MY STOMACH HURTS, haha what a fcken tooony the tiger frosted flakes laugh! " she's a good dancer or whaat?" haha mcfluffy with oreos on the shit^____^gotta make it sweeet baby, bwahahaha BANANA MAAAN YOU LIKE MONEY?! cos i do haha millionaries behbeh. oh no no no! haha can never get tired of this stuff yeaah justin?(jappaan,,sugasugalipsjapanmaan) lol;D ahaha. cos Im blue da ba dee da ba di da ba dee da ba di da d ba dee da ba di da ba deeDa ba di da ba dee da ba di da. bow ties are the shits && partying hard^___^ loretta can u live it up? aha put your hands up in the air & wave it like you just dont care bitch. haha RAVE mothafcka. hope your having fun over there, cause i know i am(;

11:27pm - wth is wrong with you shit-_- idk you make me feel so anykind. i dont know if anything your doing is cause of me to whatever your saying is to me but if you are..then just shutup and be quiet already. i feel like a bad person already THANKS;D... shit thanks for making feeel like a piece a shit that just fcken hurts you like i fcken enjoy it! thanks thanks, around of a fucken pplause. all your little hints get to me every fucken time, youdont even know! but whatever, i fcken care but NO you gotta make like your alone in this damn world but ur not. when i ask you whats wrong..shit if u dont want me to know! say it fucken nicely" who cares?" whatever already shit, you dont care,IDONTCARE-_-

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