Tuesday, December 2, 2008

you sick basturd ;p

aah >;[ woke up this morning look like rudolf the red nose reindeer! stuffy nose coughing,&  fricken cold! IM GETTTING SICK oh no no no ;[ piss me off cause i still have to go to schoool, talk bout having a good day huh? HA NOPE! not even close to it. When i got to school, someone bugging me and giving me his cousins number, like WHATTHEHECK?! i dont want it, why do i need his number when hes the one that wants to talk to me? kinnna dumb and plus hes younger than me so no thanks maaaan. period one kinna boring. just did some work but talked to sheila most of the time haha funnny. "you disgust me! you fcked a ____bitch EW" ahaha yeah sheila? ahahaha fuuuny. 2nd period stupid macarena dance just to remember some kinna group thing and had to stand up and learn it with the class but NOPE i hid by my chair in the back bwaahahaha^___^ had lunch blahblahblah (boring normal stuff) then now in 3rd period being stupid, trying to listen to songs on the imac. when i put on the head phones and chose a song, i thought it was softer then usual so i made it louder but it was still soft then all of a sudden my friend tori slaps and says wtheck? so loud! but it wasn't even loud. but to find out it was jus soft cos i didn't have the headphones plugged in. so stupid -___- but goood laugh ahaha. its 12:25 and have only 25 mins left of class i think haha gotta do psa. brb on this late on tonite hopefully ;D byeee

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