Friday, December 5, 2008

happy birthday abby baby(;

HAAAPPPYBIRTHDAY BITCH^__^ ahaha kidding i love you no mattter what,foreva n eva ;D i hope you like the "A" cake me and danielle made just for you with hello kitty rings bwahaha. oh oh oh & the poster and danielles thingy  you can wear that says" birthday girl!" so gay though you didn't come schooool! haha oh well imma see you later ^__^ with japaan,brandon,june, and idk ahaha. im bored in 3rd period-_- sheila and chanel left me oh wells they are commin now i guess from the manapua man and i bet they didn't get me foood those bitches aha kidding. AHHH stupid fuck head >;p going to the gym pretty soon like in 4 mins bwhaha. well be back on this later i guess bye hoe;]

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